Licensing Information for Bonaire


Agentschap Telecom handles amateur radio licensing on Bonaire. If you want to just operate PJ4/Your Homecall you don't need to do anything since Bonaire is a signee on the CEPT. Please note you have to have a US Advanced or Extra class license to have HF privileges in Bonaire. If you don't you can only operate on VHF frequencies and above.

If you would like to have a special contest callsign you need to fill out an application. Click here for a copy. You need to fill out this application and email it to Jessica Abrahams. The fee for a contest callsign is $56 US. The email address is .You will need to also attach a copy of your passport and amateur radio license. The contact information for Agentschap in Bonaire is :


Kaya Grandi 69 

P.O. Box 791

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles             

Phone: +599 717-3140

Fax:     +599 717-3554






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